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Seismo Electric Technology
Want to know how it works and what convinced us to try it? Several links below describe the technology and advertise the company where David bought the system and trained under a geologist before coming here to success.

Since finding our water, he was successful in finding water for another local family who reported that they have even more water than was predicted by the system - and in the middle of last summer's drought!

Where we found the technology

Current Technology found our water


he Rock House property lay vacant for such a long time due to lack of water. Having a clean, reliable source of water is a state requirement for building a home or running a restaurant.

Rock House lay vacant for years

Many a tale has been told by friends of Bob Ausmus, the prior Rock House owner. They tell of Bob drilling 9 wells, eleven wells, never having a reliable source of clean drinking water here. He had water trucked in, but the state no longer permits that. We had to find water here on the property where "there is not water to be found". Reliable technology for finding water was not perfected in the previous owners lifetime.

World Renowned Dowser Failed

After much research, we located a dowser famous for finding water in the desert. He was on the news for finding a huge source of water in the dessert to supply Reno, Nevada. He was known to find water in third world nations in droughts that were decimating populations. We paid a pretty penny for him to find water for us, and a years' wages by the time we were done drilling our first and last dry well. We cried, prayed and pulled up our bootstraps. Back to the drawing board for a better way. We had to find water or give up our dream. Email us for more info today!

Using the Latest Technology

After even more research, prayer and frustration, we decided to try the latest thing, Seismo Electric Technology. Based on sound scientific principles, tried and tested variables and current computer analyses, Seismo Electric Technology, although not cheap, would save us, if it worked.

We decided since this property is so large and the history showed that finding the water would prove to be more difficult here in the serpentine rock, we needed to buy the system and have it available to search the entire property, rather than pay "per location" to test each site.

The Seismo Electric system, together with David's tenacity, found water. We held our breath, prayed again and called the driller.

We currently have a very deep well, a very powerful pump and plenty of fresh, clean water to run the restaurant. Email us for more info.